Special Instructions/Hard Copy Proof (Frequently Asked Questions)

Special Instructions

Types of information to provide in "Special Instructions"

The special instructions section is designed to communicate any special requirements you may have for your project that could not be communicated via the online ordering process. These may include:
  • Request to have the order expedited
  • Shipping and delivery instructions
  • Special product specifications
  • Request for electronic proof to be sent via email
  • Additional product or order details

Hard Copy Proof

How long will it take to receive my hard copy proof?
Hard copy proofs for routine jobs can be produced within 24 hours of receipt of files with complete job specs. If projects require longer prep time a Print Coordinator will contact you and advise of the expected turnaround time.
Will I be charged for shipping and production costs related to my proof?
We will provide a hard copy proof at no charge for typical jobs. Subsequent proofs required because of customers' alterations or changes will be provided at a nominal charge.
Can I get my hard copy proof delivered to a different recipient or a different address than the delivery address on the order?
Yes, simply specify that information in special instructions.
If I receive the proof and notice something incorrect, how do I get it corrected?
All hard copy proofs are accompanied by a proof approval sheet. You can indicate on that sheet the corrections to be made or mark up the actual document and fax either one back to contact listed on the proof approval sheet.
If I receive the proof and provide corrections, how quickly will I get another proof?
Routine corrections can usually be turned around in one day. More complex changes or reformatting a new version of the file might take longer.
Can I just review an electronic proof?
You can request just a PDF proof which will be sent to your email. This is usually the fastest way to get your proof and is used often for second proofs where there were only minor corrections.
Who do I contact if my proof does not arrive?
Please contact 1-877-826-7755.